Thursday, October 21, 2004

Adam Ragil, an undecided voter, invites you to his blog to convince him

I—and you—received this invitation via e-mail on Oct. 19 (sorry for the delay):

“For one week only, baynonim is going political. You and your readers are invited to visit the site and convince this swing voter that Bush/Kerry is the right man for president.”

Here are Adam’s rules:

"All visitors to the blog are invited, and strongly encouraged to answer this question: Why does either candidate deserve my vote? Comments that disparage the other candidate will be deleted. I want to know why your candidate is better, so please don't waste my time telling why the other guy is no damn good. Outstanding comments will be posted on the blog itself, and at the end of the week, the commenter who's done the best job (to be determined arbitrarily) will be listed on the sidebar among the ranks of honored bloggers and contributors who have won baynonin challenges. (If you choose to post anonymously, please use a pseudonym)”

I encourage you to click on over to and have a look and/or post a comment.


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